• I think I drove one of these at a Lexus ride-and-drive event. It was okay,. It wasn't well suited to a six-foot-one driver, and the over-the-road (well, over-the-cones) behavior was nothing to make me trade my E39 M5.

  • Oh, and this was the one (the first one, there's probably others since) where the four exhaust outlets are actually plastic, molded into the rear bumper cover, the real exhaust pipes end in front of them.

    • It's kinda like the Jag S-type R – they thought they could be just a little softer than the BMW and find a market.

      It's not a bad car, but like so many of the sub-LS Lexes it doesn't accommodate drivers of 90th-percentile-and-taller well. The back seat is surprisingly tight. And it's like many Audis in that it's ruthlessly competent but just not much fun.

      This is the dutiful wife who works out three times a week, a CTS-V is the girlfriend who wants to do you in every room in your house, even the closets.

  • I think when Lexus tries to go bonkers and extreme they fall short.
    The lexus lfa wasn't an ass kicker and when ever they try to out muscle BMW they always fail.

    The designers and engineers need to go to Vegas and have a Hunter S. Thompson mindmeltig party time, come back to their cubicles and really blow it out. It is just too soft.

    It reminds me of design school. The best designers we always the students that were hooking up, going out, and living life, not just siting behind the desk all day. I believe this is why the Italian's are so good at what they do.

  • Great car but the interior is so damn tight fitting, much like an S2000 morphed into a sedan. They are terrific drivers cars and super fast around track or in a straight line, lots of fun! I almost bought a low priced from a mild crash IS-F locally but there is no use in hauling any normal sized humans in the rear seats. Unless you comnpare the interior to a Scion FR-S. Nice price but needs to find just the right buyer.

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