• The seller's reply to the question "What's the reserve?" (prior auction, Q&A section) was a little bit off-putting. Maybe it was his condescending tone…"The reserve concerns the seller & not really the buyer. It assures that the seller gets the minimum price that he wants. It shouldn't matter to the buyer, just bid the maximum amount that you want to spend for the car & if it satisfies the reserve that has been set, then you have a chance to purchase the car." Thanks, but I think that potential bidder knows what an auction reserve is, and what's it's purpose is. But, see, it does matter to the bidders. Who you just insulted. Jerk.

    • ~ if the auction closed with a sale at $20,100 (having started at $10,000) then was instantly relisted by the same seller for a higher starting bid then it seems to me that it is this seller who needs to have 'reserve' explained to him.
      . i second the Jerk sentiment. can we say 'shill-bidder'?

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