• Wow, the 3/4 view looked great but then I scrolled down to the full profile…ugly and those overhangs are huge..

    • I agree, but then the full side view (lower angle) from the E-Bay listing is actually not bad. I guess this is one I would need to see for real to judge.

      The idea of a fiberglass overlay on top of the the original sheet metal at the rear makes me cringe.

  • About 12 years ago this car used to be down the street from me in the metro Detroit area.
    It had 5,xxx original miles back then.
    I still have photos of the car while talking to the owner in front of his house.

    If it were me I would run it through Barrett over-priced Jackson next January.

  • Perry here. What we have here is a car made to look simmilar to another car, & priced like the other car too.

    Reminds me of those Shay Model A Ford replicas that cost about the same as a …..wait for it…….Model A Ford.

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