• Now we know what you were doing on the weekend. Great job! You are going to need a vacation to recover from the birthday.

  • I like that you presented so many and had a theme.
    Showing more cars for sale is what you need to do, if you can, on top of the writing entertainment.
    Just my opinion.

  • Oh. Dear. Lord.

    Hercules needs to intern for y'all and learn a thing or two about Effort. Im not even a third of the way through and have already found three that clearly need more vitamin D and year-round exercise, the kind of which only South Florida can provide…

  • Definitely top blog site I go to first, and many times only. This group of cars is amazing. Quite a few were pretty cool and not bad bargains.

    You guys need to keep this level of humor, wit and excellent car chops even after some multinational communications syndicate buys you out and you are literally phoning it in from Fiji.

    Here's to your next 4 years. Most days the cars are irrelevant. I came for the cars and stayed for the yucks. Far too of them around these days. Peace Out.

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