• Also, it's a 2+2,so you can sell it to your spouse as a family vehicle. Buy yourself 2 child sized helmets and it's "Family Track Day" for all!

  • Those +2 better have a glandular problem if they are over the age of 19 days cuz those "seats" will barely bring home enough groceries to allow you to justify heading out to the store "to pick up a couple things" just to Drive. It. Again.

    I manipulated my frame into one of these whena colleague picked it up. Brand new, and the PS power door lock didn't work (duh). It wasn't quite Devine in Lululemon but it was a tight fit, nonetheless. Funnest part of that test drive was my mild astonishment when I saw that pair of parakeet perches behind the fronts and remembered "Oh, yeah: he got the Evora, not the Elise." Didn't even realize that I was sitting in the "big" Lotus.

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