• Except for the price being 300% too high, there isn't really much to note here except that……? Hmmmm, second thought.

    Oh the Kentucky incest comment was funny and 100% accurate. I read it on FB.

  • These are brilliant cars to drive and a very useful size/shape, though my preference would be for a blue or silver four-door with the Recaro package and HIDs – of which I gather they sold about five. The transaxle is basically the same as the first-gen BMW Mini and will take the same Quaife diff.

    There are two downsides.

    One is that it's a Ford, and Ford believes their obligation to provide spares for their low-production orphans ends about thirty seconds after the model goes out of production.

    Second is that the later turbo Cobalt SS is even better (and in two-door form somewhat uglier), if not as well trimmed, and you can get one with the helical LSD already in there as factory equipment.

  • I had one of these and loved it, even more so after a few mods. Diablo tuner, high flow Cat and Ford Racing springs/shocks, the thing was a blast to drive. Quality was much better than the SVT Contour I had several years before.

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