• A memorable drive even today. Quality on E39's is well earned legendary status. A big car that feels small when pounding around curvy roads. It was the first car I owned where it felt almost telepathic. Think it and lay in some small, precise input and this car will never put a wheel in the wrong place. I want another.

  • As I noted to Vince the other night, there's no other car you could possibly slot into the Y2K spot – and that's not just because I own one.

    It completely redefined the baseline for its segment and if we look today at 550, 600, 700HP you have to remember how big a leap 400HP (okay, 394 SAE) was at the time.

    And, given the nonqual money floating around the dotcom world at the time, most of the first couple years of US sales went out the door at substantially over sticker.

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