• According to the area code and the map, this is a solid 4½ hours from Cincinnati. A bummer, because The North East corner of Ohio is significantly farther from me than the South West corner, and I badly want one of these things. (I also badly want a French dip sandwich, a dry Bordeaux red, and to watch the Montreal Canadiens get their asses handed to them by the Caps, for some for perspective)

    They're plastic bodied, and more or less built on a 2CV frame and running gear. It's a VW thing for Francophiles. A quick googling shows this example has been on the market a little while, at least long enough to get featured on Jalopnik back in July. It had a higher price, too, so maybe the seller is a reasonable guy. jalopnik.com/for-7-500-would-you-flash-the-plastic-for-this-1970-c-1797087105

    For those of you not familiar with Citroen lore, check out these weird (ok… weirder) ones with multiple engines: ranwhenparked.net/2014/03/13/a-look-at-the-twin-engined-citroen-2cv-sahara/

  • I would like to drive this through town I live in, wearing a french allegiance uniform smoking a cigarette-fume and a mini-camel in the bed. I would most likely be crowned the Monarch of Hipsterville.

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