• Dave — yes, you are correct, that was a previous cheap used abused 928 I was watching but missed the window to post.
      Vince DT E-i-C

  • The options of what one could do with this car is awesome. The later body style is just great and I really like the interior as well.

    The window tint permit has to be worth the price alone.

  • "Ran when…. blown up".

    And how hard is it to dry the car before taking the photos (or if you don't have a towel, just go have a coffee and wait 15 minutes)?

    • Yes good point, make sure to get water on the back seat (leaky sunroof?) and down the door panels(leaky door seals?) to make prospective buyers think about rusty floorpans. Call the transmission manual while showing pictures of the automatic shifter. Two things make me think of Joe Dirt: the missing speaker grille on the door panel and actual portion of the Sahara Desert on the air intakes for the engine. I wonder why the engine is blown…not. If all this person is selling is a rolling shell at least take a day to clean it rather than showing a hundred pictures of how dirty everything is. End of rant…lol

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