• Silly thought, I wonder if you could add cycle fenders and get it registered for the street? If so, this looks like it would be a stupidly fun commuter. Take off that tube and build some sidepods for storage and be the envy of all those Camry drivers!

  • Wait….is that a wing above the cab just before the "container"? Now that is funny. Oh and in Denver you don't need fenders to be street legal although that phallic exhaust would have to go.

  • Dude I met once who worked at the municipal airport in Mansfield, Ohio used to daily his Chenowth-looking thing, albeit his had wide-five hubs, functioning head, tail, brake and directional lights, and the requisite reflectors on the rear. It was pretty quick and nimble, good on gas, etc… but being central OH in the fall… it was not the first choice when we needed to head off airport to grab food.

    Just remember, even 70 degree air can be chilly when it's traveling up your pant leg at 65mph.

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