• Guys, I usually like your write-ups, but this one is too much. The pioneers—the brave first settlers of this great nation of ours, made the westward trek at great expense to their personal health and well-being. Thousands of them died due to exposure to the elements, starvation/dehydration, and disease. It was a grueling life. So when you use the term "pioneer in….safety", as a tongue-in-cheek jab at people who weren't safe at all, I find it patently offensive. I demand an immediate re-write.

    • Trust me Ryan, you don't want a 245 (or 265) diesel. Unless you're trying to win the slow race. Or unless you want to use the chassis as an engine swap platform.

      The VW D24 engine they came with has all the refinement of an urban delivery truck, with the power of a Trabant.

    • I know, precisely why I love them so dearly. Slow cars make people pay attention, and get involved in the driving experience. In a 200 series diesel, you can't use a heavy right foot to get you out of a stupid situation that you put yourself into by being inattentive. Plus, nothing [short of combat] gives you more of a rush than successfully merging, up a slight grade, into 75-80 mph traffic in a 3000lb car with 80hp. I'm all in.

    • Allrighty then…if you choose to suffer the purgatory-levels of (non)acceleration inherent in a D24 powered 240, by choice, then you have damned yourself to an eternal existence of being stuck behind wide load trucks carrying mobile homes and 10' diameter concrete sewer pipes. Enjoy!

      All kidding aside folks – I have a diesel 245 powered by the D24 (strange nomenclature because that's a 6-cylinder engine but Volvo still chose to call it a 245 in the lower trim levels, ignoring their own rule of the 2nd digit = cylinder count). It has a certain charm to it, kind of like an old tractor or a Model T. You don't expect it to do anything quickly and it does become an engaging challenge to plan and time your next 10 moves in traffic just right so as not to lose one iota of momentum…or you're screwed and get to spend the next 5 minutes trying to get back up to 65.

    • So when are you putting an LSx in the 245?

      Thinking 265 diesels got me looking for unicorns: Brown, RWD, diesel, manual, wagon.

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