• Boot, hood, bonnet, what is it with all these funky British words? It's like they're speaking a completely different language or something.

    Pretty car, but I'm kinda full-up on old British hardware at this point.

  • Yeah, sorry for the lack of great, recent pictures. The XK is not on the market – I REPEAT – the XK is not on the market.

    Lots of fun even if not going especially fast.

    • Ha, thanks for putting your Triumph up here Zach. Really nice deal.

      It is just hard to get past the Jag. So beautiful. Maybe photoshop a black bar over it's eyes like the do to conceal someones identity

    • Something like this to disguise it?
      [url= flic.kr/p/s8usci][img] farm8.staticflickr.com/7585/17150042695_5057276544_z.jpg[/img][/url]

    • Ok now I can concentrate on the Triumph
      [img] i10.photobucket.com/albums/a106/sscott55/5322569637_bf38e81439_b_zpsmrikxw0o.jpg[/img]

  • ~ Best of luck, Zach. I shared the DT article with Shawn F. on his FB page, since we all three share a Polk County link. He tells me that when he called, you already knew of him. Hope that a good steward can be quickly found and the Spitfire returned to its rightful glory.

  • Good luck with the sale Zach. The car is definitely priced to sell.
    Great story, glad you got to enjoy the car before selling it.

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