• These things certainly did not look ten years out of date when introduced in '67 – sheesh, Volvo was still selling the Amazon in 1967, Jaguar the S-Type and the 420. There wasn't a lot to choose mechanically or appearance-wise in one Detroit compact over another, though the Mopar 'slant 6' had some fervent adherents. Bumpers started ruining everything in '73, but that was also true for all of them.

    From my observation the Mopars seemed to rust out a little faster than the others, and they rusted mightily around those vinyl tops, so this one is kind of a miracle.

    • Rust? nah… My 74 was just kind enough to add extra ventilation. Cool breeze between the legs blowing up from the missing floor was a relief in brutal Midwest summers. In the winter I'd just keep adding layers of floor mats to keep my pants dry. LOL. The previous owner had pop-riveted aluminum off-set printing plates over the rear quarters and they were just flimsy enough to bend by hand into a fair representation of the original contour. You could still read the ads from the newspaper on them since I never was bothered to paint them.

      Best $400 car I ever owned. I put 60K miles on it before the tortion bar poked through the frame on one side and dropped that corner about 9 inches.

    • Hah! I had a Beetle with basically the same floorpan arrangement, car smelled really bad when I got it (cheap from a friend). Ripped the carpet out of it and ran it with the holes there, until it rained and I found myself getting splashed in the face, my repair choice was just some roofing felt and duct tape.

  • "Well it's 40 below and I don't give a fart, got a heater in my Dart, and I'm to the rodeo….."

    This thing looks like it would clean up nice, and he's selling for used car money, not collectible Mopar money.


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