• The pieces one touches on this era Volvo are really shitty. I bought a very clean, one owner 2003 V70 for my daughter. Decent miles and a thick binder from a longtime Volvo Dealer on LI. What a royal POS car. Yes, my expectations were high given the service history, and my history with older Volvos, but trim and switches and servos, and soft pieces self-destructed. I even swapped cars to make sure my kid was given to sabotaging the car because she hated it. But no. Mechanically except for plastic parts in the cooling system either melting or cracking or both, and the sway bar links clanking, and only less so when replaced. But 5.8 sec and a great looking wagon. Plus they keep their value. Might be worth a shot.

  • Low prices for these and V70's have always surprised me, though I'm guessing there's a reason.
    So cheap I often thought I could buy a V70 with all the AWD, leather and nice stuff and just use it as a truck. Heck if you killed it you only have a few $k invested.

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