• I prefer Concours light.

    Also, props for writing an actual description for all 100 cars. That's a big task. I hope you can find something outrageous like a Callaway Vette or a Gemballa, or any of the other crazy 80's cars one might see on Miami Vice.

  • Surprise, surprise, surprise!

    Never seen a Concours contender with a cracked dash and a grubby engine compartment before.

    And lots of trophies (not pictured) to prove it.

    Methnks this one puts the CON in concours…!


  • I agree with Stan above, it is NOT in concourse condition and too expensive as a toy for that asking price. Better to look at the 87/88 924S with the larger 160 HP motor and improved brakes and suspension. Better than the turbo too.

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