• Oh Jeebus, the bumper years. The Monte Carlo was moderately attractive before this, but with 1973 came the apocalypse for most of Detroit.

    • Though I will admit that as far as I'm concerned the 1973 Corvette, with the soft nose and the chrome rear bumperettes, was the best-looking of all the C3s.

      The 1973 standard was 'one 5mph impact in front, one 2.5mph impact in back' and the '73 Vette got away with having a bumper on stretchy bolts in front, so after one impact it was shot. Had to redo it for '74, when the Feds wanted to keep bashing the car at 5mph forever.

  • I have never heard Yellow-Beige called martian green before, and the “half vinyl” top looked like a full vinyl top to me so I called Paul, the owner, and he verified it was a full vinyl top. He said he was pretty sure it was sold, he was waiting for the check to clear, but would call me back if it didn’t. We chatted about the green interior and he laughed and said it certainly wasn’t his favorite either…lol
    According to Wiki the Z76 option was supposed to include a rear view mirror on the passenger side also. I guess the original owner didn’t see the need for the passenger to see behind…

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