• Yeah, I know, iconic car, Iacocca and all that.

    But seriously, these things drive like ass.

    That 170 six and (2-speed in the '64s?) automatic might just sandbag the W115 220D next to you at the stoplight, if the guy hasn't finished sending his text yet.

    You had two choices of steering – sailboat-helm manual (5 1/2 turns lock to lock) or Dial-a-Wander linkage-boosted power (as in this car).

    And with the six came the little rear axle, the 4-lug 13in wheels, and Beetle-sized brakes.

    Add to that a floppy structure (and once again the sixes were shortchanged on the torque-box structures under the firewall), Ford's company-wide practice of using the fuel tank as the trunk floor, etc. and you have a triumph of marketing 'pizzaz' over engineering.

    You can MAKE a decent car out of an early Mustang, but most were meh as they rolled out of the factory, even by the standards of the day.

    As for this one: it's had enough work done on it that it'd need careful inspection before purchase. It's had pans, and whoever painted it didn't bother to mask or remove the door strikers and latches.

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