• Nope, I do not see a better way to drive Bugatti crazy.



    I misread your question. Yes, I think I can find a better way or two to drive Bugatti – and even for less money – youtube.com/watch?v=v9XZVeG1IHo

  • that looks as much like a Bugatti as you look like a box of paper clips

    think of all the things you could buy for $3600 instead of that – half the cars ever posted on this site – there are a dozen Miatas under that price on SFCL or LACL alone – done

    people – i dunno sometimes

  • If you Google "Bugatti Tank Car" you'll find a real antique Bugatti that looks a lot like this build. He's really not too far off!

    • well, pluck a duck – the 1923 Bugatti Type 32 Grand Prix racer "Tank de Tours"
      [image src=" upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/1c/Bugatti_Type_32_Tank.jpg" width="500px"/]

    • Bugatti's first attempts at aerodynamics (which were in their early stages in 1923).

      Only raced once, because it handled well, like a tank.

      I've seen some pretty amazing cars in my life.

      This ain't one of them.

      Great googley moogeling, though, kaibeezy.

      I'll only add the blueprints:

      [image src=" the-blueprints.com/blueprints-depot/cars/bugatti/bugatti-type-32-tank-1923.png" width="400px"/]

      -Stan (who once owned a '58 Ford pickup truck painted blue like this. The truck probably handled– and stopped– better. Which is pretty scary, because that truck was a handful.)

    • My first thought was "Of all the Bugattis out there you could build a replica of, he picks the ugliest one?" Then I realized the right question was, "If my sheet metal skills are at the level of an entry level ductowork builder, could I copy the world's ugliest Bugatti?"

    • I think the wheel to car size ratio works for the real thing, the S-10 wheels just look so small. Possibly the only thing that needs to be donked to look right.

  • "Whuh? Ya say that thar tanky thing was made by B00-gawty?

    Here. Hold my beer…"

    I'ma gonna make me one o' them Buggo Tanks this here weekend in mah garage, whiles I watch me some bawl games…"

    redneck car repair fails

    -Stan (who, when broken down on the side of the road, has used a screwdriver, duct tape, and bungee cords for some this'll-get'er-home fixes…)

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  • As a hustling vehicle, Bugatti did well in numerous European races however the vehicle was mostly intended to be appreciated out and about for an easygoing drive.
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