• That's not an add on cup holder that is the goofy U.S. market cup holder. The one off my R53 is in a box in the garage. I will give it to the second owner when I eventually sell it on.

    • That's not a goofy, non-functional cup holder, that's a lighter cup holder, contributing greatly to the loss of 60 lbs. Or else a crappy after thought.

    • Crappy afterthought on U.S. bound 2005 – 2006 MINI's after too many people complained that they couldn't fit their Big Gulp in the "as designer intended" cup holder. I removed mine as it is ugly and stupid.

  • It is silly but I have never driven a new Mini. My guess I would fall in love with the way it handles.
    I really like these cars, it is just really hard for me to look past the flava flav sized speedo and cartoon style accoutrements.
    Maybe if I bought one I could tear out the stuff I don't like and just add a Stack race display.

    • I thought they did a pretty good job with interior of the first BMW-MINI. The central speedo and two air vents next to it is an homage to the original.

      [img] pioneer-automobiles.co.uk/Resources/library4/Austin_Mini_1000_12_dash.gif[/img]

      [img] i.imgur.com/oRrlxeL.jpg[/img]

      With the second and third gen BMW-MINI all of that went out the window and the designers went with "just make it weird" as their design brief.

    • Any car that has an OEM hidden glovebox to stash your stash in has merit in my book…even though I don't have a stash, nor do I wear a 'stache.

      [img] i.imgur.com/AYdfMBe.jpg?1[/img]

    • Second gen BM-MINI has the stash box. I think it has a lot of de-merits compared to the first gen and of course the Ur-Mini.

      Like I said, I think the designers started to think a little too highly of themselves with the second gen cars. The third gen is just all about the money (I'm looking at you 4 door hardtop).

  • I often find myself looking at these MINIs and thinking:

    "self, I wonder if Minnie Driver is a MINI driver?"

    [img] s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/18/aa/43/18aa433442d3335e313d6bbf55bf5bd8.jpg[/img]

    doesn't really matter if not…

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