• I so tried to convince my parents to get a Grand National version instead of the regular Regal they bought at the time. Parents just don't understand…

    My two cents on this example: absolutely positively love the souped up Grand National, absolutely positively hate the wheels – all five of them. Fortunately, it's relatively easy (but not inexpensive) to right that wrong.

  • I had an '86 GN with around 65K on it for a couple of years. They drive like nothing else. You would expect to feel the 3.8 to be working hard to get the big car up to speed so fast, but it pulls effortlessly, like a locomotive. Also, a cool night can give you a noticeable boost in output with that big intercooler. Car nuts: Make sure to own one of these, or at least drive one, once during your life.

  • I am a true believer in "too much rim ruins a car", please stop putting 22's on classic Impalas, no more cutlass 442's on 100 spoke 20's… however this is one of the few times big wheels look great on the car. There is still rubber on the rims and everything is tucked in tight. I am a Buick guy (building a Hemi Killer GS) and i think these t-types are hideous to start… so if you think the rims are ruining the car (MACMAVEN) you are as stupid and ignorant as your racist comment above. I bet your idea of a good looking ride is an IROC with a paint job that matches your doublewide. Please don't procreate as a public service for our country, it would be patriotic to cut your genes out of future gene pools!!!!!!

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