• The description is completely inaccurate!

    The Turbo S was only offered in 1988 and featured the Tubo Cup car mods including, amongst other things, the M44/52 motor and larger K26/8 turbocharger. If this was a Turbo S, for real, it was a rare bird. Only 51 gray ones were ever imported to the US.

    The Turbo S motors were actually hand assembled in Stuttgart and had features like forged conrods as standard. They produced 250 hp and only 1830 were made overall.

    The 1989-91 Turbos had most of the performance features of the Turbo S but you can find some that didn't feature all the bells and whistles.

    And they were quite a bit faster than contemporary 911s.

    Anyway, despite the loss of a rather rare vehicle, this is a pretty sick car as it stands.

  • Kind of annoying they did this to a Turbo S but it looks amazing. It just looks perfect, no stance garbage either. I bet this would be an epic track day car.

    Also I think the Turbo S had 250hp, bigger brakes, and a much improved suspension which is why it's sad this was swapped. It's is an amazing car and I just wish they did this swap to a NA 944.

  • Yeah, agreed. I'm a purist when it comes to the rare trim levels. So right in my mind yet so wrong to hack up a Turbo S. They aren't collectible yet but when they get "discovered" someone should take the offender to the wrong part of town and leave them there… overnight.

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