• Crappy interior materials, lots of grip but minimalist suspension, not a lumpy-road vehicle. Good off the line whomp. Friend who had one suggested some of the drivetrain bits were on the fragile side.

    That $18.5K will just about get you two early Merc ML55s (which, truth be told, in the early days of US MB manufacturing they seemed to be buying their interiors from the same outfits who did Dodge trucks, so there's lots wrong with the Benz interiors too), or two early BMW X5 4.4s (which are better-made, but not as quick stoplight to stoplight) so you've kinda got to WANT to preserve the old Typhoon…

    • @mrkwong—the early ML's were not the specialists that you imply, being crappy in the interior department. No, I'd argue that they were far more well-rounded, being crappy in nearly every way possible—interior materials, exterior materials (the ML55 was delayed for 4 months because the paint flaked so badly off the fender lip extensions), drivetrain quality, general build quality, and overall driving dynamics.

      The difference here, is that there's no way the Typhoon could depreciate further, whereas I can see no situation where the ML would appreciate.

    • My biggest issue with the ML is when it came out you were paying $50k for a luxury car that came with unpainted bumpers. Woof.
      [img] dfvv2uachi3f1.cloudfront.net/images/managed/car_images/Mercedes-Benz/1998-2003-Mercedes-Benz-ML320_size_large.jpg[/img]

  • The Typhoon is on my list of cars to own some day, so I've been watching what prices have been doing for many years. They hold value very well, much to my chagrin. In the back of my mind I've often compared these with the GNX, though I know that's a stretch.

  • As a previous owner of a Syclone I can attest… you brake-torque that thing and let her go it will genuinely trounce many of today's cars as their HAL 9000 traction control systems try and figure out what to do. I am an import guy at heart and yet it was amazing how well the Syclone could hustle backroads and even stop. Not really at all pickup truck like. The AWD system really neutralized much of the weight forward feeling you get with trucks. What did my Syclone is was loaning it to a client to run an errand. He was so enthusiastic the vehicle came back with a blown tranny…

  • "The difference here, is that there's no way the Typhoon could depreciate further, whereas I can see no situation where the ML would appreciate."

    Bingo. Additionally, for a few extra bucks towards non-internal engine upgrades, these things can get much faster and are quite durable.

    Bored? Some additional history…

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