• hey, how about some comments here – these are right down the DT pipe – plus the swaps are "in the family" and two of them indicate "professionally done", which is at least some comfort they aren't held together with coat hanger wire – which would you pick? i'd take the black one, most inconspicuous

  • I just think that regardless of engine selection, not many folks are going to want to stomach $9k – 15k for a non-M E30.

    I'd just buy the E36 from which these engines were extracted and be done with it. losangeles.craigslist.org/wst/cto/4126587211.html for example.

    I'm all for sleepers, but a 240hp E30 is still an E30. Great enthusiasts car but for people who can afford a $15k car, their $$ is going to be better spent elsewhere.

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