• When the engine asplodes or the trans or electrical dont do their thing anymore just rip out everything that BMW did and redo it with the GM performance catalog. and order a tremac six while yer at it. Then the thing should be a decent powerful grand tourer.

  • These things demand hellacious amounts of maintenance. A few years ago, a buddy bought a 40k mile, beautifully maintained '98 840Ci and still puts close to $4-5000 a year into it (and has for 3 years). It's a fatass, but drifts like a princess when convinced.

  • ~ V12, 6spd, wine red, mighty tempting. so many pluses. although the thought of an aluminum LS w/ 6spd sounds entertaining i wouldn't consider spending $16,500 for a car to swap. the V8 might outrun it in 1320, but the GM would run out of breath at a lower top speed.
    i've owned '80-'90s BMWs that were extremely reliable, just keep up with care. "PRIVATE OWNER WITH SERVICE/MAINTENANCE RECORDS" doesn't necessarily mean one-owner or all records, but maybe –
    . hey, Kaibeezy, have you driven or inspected the 850?

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