• If you are going to be pop(p)ing the the foward hinged hood, I hope would do so whilst grabbing your mitre………that said I love these cars and the '61 front end. I would rather have the original car without the sellers redo ……cause based on the engine bay l it ooks to me that the car had been left to sit, Also it has early nineties plates……….wonder where the original yellow ones went. And for those of you who don't live on the West Coast and constantly perplexed by the reference to license plates, believe it or not there is a premium for original California cars………..one way to tell is the presence of model year license plates.

    Looks to be a moot point as it is gone

  • @Woodie Man , the owner probably threw the yellow plates in the trash in 1963

    If it had the California plates that the original owner drove it with, assuming the original owner drove it for at least 3 years) they would be black 1963 A** *** plates.

    My family had a dozen or so consecutive ASH *** black plates, My grandfather would go the the DMV and pick up all the plates at once, and the last year California retired all the plates was in 63.

  • @Hugh Crawford….my mistake you're correct. I forgot. The black/yellow plates were handed out to all in '63. That and my mispelling of Fo(r )ward in my crack about DT's mis typing of the word "popping" leave me with prodigious amounts of egg on my kisser

  • This is a great color and presentation for the buck. The best of the slab sided sixties right here. 5of us high school buddies drove to school in one every day and when you stepped on the gas a huge low air suction bwaaaa came from under the hood and nothing else would happen.

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