• That garage is awesome- half kitchen, half garage?
    The white 911 is an 87-89- you can tell by the bumper/foglight combo.
    The red 911 looks like a turbo carrera, but I'm not sure why
    The ferrari…348?

  • The value of these things makes me want to put my 951 back together. I have to fully dismantle it and replace a spun bearing first. Too bad working on them is such a PITA. Reminds why why I have so many BMWs. Maybe I should put it in my mom's living room first. I wonder if it would fit through the french doors…

  • I've entered bizarro world. Two cars today (the 944 and the Impulse) were featured on BaT BEFORE DT. this just doesn't happen. I'm sure it's conicidence, but secretly hoping that it's some well deserved DT retribution.

  • Love this site. I'm really compelled to comment on this one because there is something in the universe that lined up and somehow this car (my car), ended up here on DT and on BAT. Who would have thought? I had this on CL for nearly a month with not one bite, on Ebay for a few days with some limp bidding and absurd inquires, then through the pervasive readers of this blog, it sells today to a car dork just like me. I have received the most pleasure reading the comments about where the car sits! One guy said it looks like it's in his mom's craft room…and I love the comment on the matching fridge. Truth be told, it's my garage which I have tried to make as comfortable as possible because, with the blessing of an understanding wife, I try to spend all weekend in there. Good thing you can't see the rest of it…there is it's own organization of sorts but it's getting packed…hence the impetus of the sale. A beaut of a car though. Again, love the site.

    • Anonymous — Sounds like a great car and I'm glad that some of the mysteries of the finished garage have been answered. Please send us a few followup photos when the seller picks up the car and maybe a few pics of your garage — it would make a good story. tips@dailyturismo.com
      Also, feel free to tell the seller to send us some followup pictures of the car.

      I spend a fair bit of time in my garage (with the blessings of my wife) but it looks more like a garage and I have to find way to entertain a few kids while I'm wrenching if she is also busy in the house or garden. Carpet would be a great idea…
      DT Editor-in-Chief & Chief-Chef
      P.S. Feel free to pick a name when you comment by selecting NAME/URL on the drop down menu below the comment box. No need to log in.

    • Vince,
      Will do for sure. The buyer appears to be cut from the same cloth so I'm positive he will be into it.

      For the garage, I just had the floor epoxied and put down some throw rugs…if you can keep them moderately clean it works out great. My son and I are always in there tinkering on and mending well used Green Machines and Razors. It's perfect.

      Thx for the format and my daily entertainment!

    • Hey seller, could you resolve one curiosity I had? Is that a Testarossa/512 on the lift? That's what I'm guessing but it looks like it has the 3 piece 550 Barchetta wheels so it's throwing me a little. Any way you cut it, you have a cool setup and an even cooler fleet of cars.

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