• Yeah, that hope chest is a curious addendum to this restomod. I have heard of custom speaker boxes down there, however, so there you go. Price is a little steep IMHO, given the specific personalization the seller had performed. The overall aesthetic effect of the body is a little too smooth for me, also; but I hate filler of any ilk. YMMV. The turquoise instruments really tickle me, though, as do the deep aluminum gauges; sooooo much better than the panel on my '73… I am not so forgiving about the paint, though. Single stage solids just look so right on the 1800, that the metallic stands out as incongruously blingy to me. Quality paint job that can replicate the look of the original BRG would have been my choice for this car.

    But what the hell do I know? Oprah texted me a pic of the orange ES' dash as he drove it home from San Diego after I passed on it…

  • $17,500 – that is insane money for an 1800…did this car get listed on that other website…you know… Bring Assholes in Tweed?

  • Nice car but to many things that arent my style.metallic paint,steering wheel is wrong,should have a 2 spoke.Engine looks great though.

  • What an ugly little turd of a car. Drop in a Merlin big block, slam it and tub it, and you've got yourself a winner!

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