• Nice car, priced right and gone, gone, gone. Altadena is not Pasadena; it's in the foothills above. Some nice neighborhoods but not much Pasadena old money. I know because I live here. I'm also a 912 freak but have never seen this car and it's likely I would as this is a small place so my bet is this car spent a lot of time parked in a garage. Final note: That Friday night cruise would be down Colorado Blvd, not Pasadena Blvd. Just sayin'.

  • Holy cow, I'd give up my 1800E search for this, I would! It sounds like he wants it gone yesterday though, prolly won't go for my "need to fly down to drive it home" requirements…
    Del, Oprah is busy selling yet another 1800S beauty (he seems to attract them like flies). ooOOo, maybe Oprah would be willing to park this beside his collection of 1800's for a week until I can show up! 😛

  • I know the gentleman who's selling it.Ive seen a couple of his cars before and well all I can say is inspect it in person.Lotsa talk but not so much doing.
    I'm not bad mouthing no one ,I'm just sharing my experience.

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