• Overpriced by $10K and the seller expects a respectful offer? This is a stock X with fiberglass body kit and an engine rebuild. It's a $5K car.

  • You guys really need to take a closer look at the market on these lately… You would be shocked as they have ticked north….

  • The kit + install/labour is over 5k.
    The wheels and tyres are worth over 2k.
    New paint job 5k.
    Don't know if you guys above are kidding. The car is rare now. Buy a rust bucket for 3k then spend 10k on it to get it up to this standard.

  • An Fiat X1/9 is not particularly rare. No mention of the mealage, no original condition but tuning engine and body kit. I would say about $8,000 and $9,000 – considering the engine mod – if you are really keen.

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