• The next time you have life figured out, just remember that somewhere out there is a Camaro that shares a stable with a Bentley posing as a $200k car. I need a drink.

  • When visiting Earth, Vader usually alternates between his Maybach Exelero and Unimog Black. But when there's a break in his busy schedule Darth has been spotted in this inconspicuous Bentley, cruising for "scum" around his "secret" base deep below the Luxor Las Vegas, or probing for new Pinot noirs in the hills above Santa Barbara. "I can tolerate no further scratches and unexplained odometer readings on my Benzes. But I have not yet been able to exterminate this infestation of insolent parking attendants," explained the Sith Lord.

  • This car needs fake gun barrels pointing out of cracked windows on both sides. That's the only way passers-by will stop laughing and flinging excrement at your windshield.

  • Hey, y'all! Here- hold my glass of Boone Farm and watch this!!

    Seriously- I'm surprised the owner didn't include a jar of Grey Poupon. Located in Santa Ana tells me all I need to know about the sad fate of this one.

  • Wasn't this in the movie "Death Car 2000" or some such? It's not that I don't think the mentally ill shouldn't be able to express themselves, but this thing should be nuked from space (….just to be sure…..)

  • Fairly sure those are E36 headlights in that front end.

    As it came from the factory, the car is actually pretty attractive, in a conservative, British kind of way. As it is here, it is hideous.

  • If it had some modern stance to it, this would sell much faster. Imagine that big rig hustling around a track at WOT with some 285's stretched over 18×13's out back, hell yeah.

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