• Something about that classic Alfa GTV design…absolutely beautiful. And this one is relatively close to where I live. Fortunately, this auction – and therefore the temptation to bid – will end shortly.

  • Absolutely love these, but check for rust, rust, rust, rust, and then more rust. They started rusting before the paint was applied at the factory, then they continued to rust. If they ever got wet they rusted again. If it is humid outside they rust. If you broke up with a supermodel and then shed a single solitary tear and it managed to find metal, it rusted.

    With that said there are a lot of replacement panels if you are a bodyman. And the prices of them are continuing to rise – I've seen them in the $30K range.

  • Truly one of the most beautiful mass-produced cars ever built. If I had a garage to protect it and a spare $15k kicking around, one of these would be on my short list of fantasy garage cars. If… If… If…

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