• The history on this car is a little more interesting though. It started life as a 318iT, with the M20 engine swap later. This was on offer by (apparently) the previous owner two years ago for $15K ( cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/BMW-E30-1989-Euro-Touring-Wagon-325iT-318iT-325i-318i-/330568218031?ViewItem=&item=330568218031), so the current dealer is likely to be asking similar or more. That's fairly pricey for a 24-year-old, higher mileage, engine swapped, federalized gray market E30 wagon. The swapped engine mileage isn't given, and it's also a little curious that the reported chassis mileage hasn't changed in the 2+ years since the prior auction.

    I really like these E30 wagons, but with the 25 year prohibition on the '87 and '88 E30 Tourings now off, and more than a few questions lingering here, I'd be inclined to locate and import something myself. Despite this dealer's scare discouragement, and the inherent hassle factor (there are plenty of resources to help interested buyers import a car), I'm sure I could do it for a lot less all-in than the asking price on this car.

  • @ Bill H & doctordel: Reason for the "stupid" deck opening is that BMW had not planned to produce wagon version. Employee of their prototype shop built one for himself after hours. He decided to keep taillight arrangement of donor sedan. When done, showed it to his boss, who showed it to CEO, who spontaneously decided to produce it in factory. Complete story here: e30zone.net/e30zonewiki/index.php/Touring

    • What that story tells me is that Herr Reisbock actually had the saner idea- make it a hatchback. Since it was BMW that came up with the space between the taillights, a set of wagon specific lamps that were disguised as sedan units and the necessary bodywork to get there would have been very little more. The car looks great, probably has a decent capacity, and Herr Reisbock is to be feted for making the idea happen. BMW sorely needed that, but after reading that story (by the way- thanks for the link) the design makes even less sense now. Thankfully, BMW got away from that on the next bodyshell.

  • ~ for anyone on the fence about this car or the dealer, i can tell you from my BMW days that they are a well respected independent shop. in the years i have done business with them and the ensuing time since i haven't heard a negative report about them.

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