• That rear bumper is a 80's el Camino factory object. It may be narrowed a bit to fit this things terrible azz. Hey at least it has a tailgate. But that is the only good thing I have to say about this car.

  • One has to wonder what mind-altering substance was involved in the origins of this project. It only had to last until the end of the saw-z-all stage. After that, there was no going back, so you might as well finish it.

    Is that a Corvette hood bulge?

  • I'm sorry the lister didn't move to Arkansas before listing the 'vehicle" for sale… We in Texas are already looked upon as a weird bunch…

  • Yeah, I'm with Anon here. We Texans certainly don't run from the 'off kilter' label but this one pains me more than listening to Rick Perry stump. Just…no.

    This lister may want to consider intensive outpatient rehab for their polysubstance abuse problem. The aforementioned psychedelics that led to the build and the obviously crack-induced ask price suggest that something must be done to help this individual. Although I do appreciate their gumption by choosing Hemmings…

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