• That's a purdy car.

    Now, for some nitpicking:
    You have to find a 5-speed from another M20-equipped E21 or E12 for a direct bolt-on. Unfortunately, in the USA these are very hard to find. The trans from the M10 E21s don't fit, and those from M20-equipped E30s require you to replace your speedometer and craft an interface plate to fit. In other words, it's a total pain.

    Also, power should be 170hp in these, up from 143hp in the stock 323i. The 137hp figure comes from the early E30 323i, which had L-jet while these have K-jet.

    That steering wheel is a Alpina-installed Momo model and is correct for this model. Those seats aren't, even though someone tried to replicate the Alpina upholstery on them. To me, they look out of place with the rest of the car. Finding some Recaros and a few yards of Alpina upholstery would be an improvement.

    Alpina also made the B1 2.8 which was one of these with a 218hp M30. Drifty!

    Sorry to get so nerdy. Again, great find!

  • pretty nice engine photo there – usually car sale photos are about documentation, so it's nice to see some art – that style of photography, where the foreground and background is out of focus, is called bokeh – decent intro here photographylife.com/what-is-bokeh

    • Hmmm, "Bokeh". I just thought that was shallow depth of field. Now even my photographic knowledge is obsolete.

      Anyway, where I come from, they say "If it ain't bokeh, don't fix it".

    • I believe bokeh refers specifically to the circular anomalies that happen around discrete points of light — not just the generally a sharp (narrow?) depth of focus subject. Read KBZ's link for the difference between background blur and bokeh.

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