• Another way to look at a car like this; a slightly used vehicle that's been meticulously maintained at the highest levels with a nearly $65,000 discount over MSRP. Ah, Mercedes…the best or nothing…plus painful depreciation. My respect for German car companies only grows larger by the day.

    Regardless, this would be a marvelous car to own and I hope the seller finds a good buyer. I have the feeling he won't need much help and I'm sure he'll buy something else equally as exotic if he hasn't already. Seriously – we know he already has – what is it? Or is that several somethings? You have to tell us because that allows some of us to live vicariously.

    • Well, he went from a Cayman S to this so that he could be available for occasional chauffeuring of his two adorable grandchildren, but they had nowhere to put the extra gear that kids all have these days. His current car solves that dilemna.

      As you like teasers, his new car has boost and the additional flexibility for storage, without being a CUV or an SUV, and he bought it because its one of those great cars that the market hates, so he was able to buy it cheaply which causes him to thoroughly love it. (although it is an autotragic)

    • …apparently is an Escalade, these days. I see tons of them driving around with magnet signs advertising the realtor driving/piloting/hoping the whale will go in the general direction they wish to travel in.

  • Wow, this CLK 55 just gets better and better looking. If interested you can call DJ at 405-570-5414 for more info.

    • When we were in our (real) 30's, I had all the fun cars and he was driving the schlepwagens, now he's having all the fun and I'm in schlepwagens. Turnabout's fair play, roundabouts confuse most.

    • What is the difference between fake 30s and real 30s? Is that like claiming you're in your 30s when you're really quite a bit older?

    • Perception = Reality. We still think and feel like we should be in our 30's, but the cosmos is biased towards a chronological chain of events which it assigns to us rather than our own perception of reality which is inherently biased against grey headed dudes such as myself.

  • this car is clean clean. My next daily should be a 11/12 c300 4 matic. In that steel grey color. I've loved benzes since I was a tyke, another trait that my grandfather handed me. If this thing had more roof it would be right up my alley.

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