• Perry here. I have an earlier LS. It's a '98 LS 400. Big, surprisngly fast, but very soft. There is something specific about the "luxury" aspect of it: It never needs anything. So it is luxurious in that you can be as lazy an owner as you want to be. You have the luxury of driving anywhere, any time, no problemo.

    Mine only has 109k on it. After I rack up another 100k (easy! Some sport 300k+!!!) I will sell it & buy one like you see here. Then do another the years of easy.
    PS, I have a Lotus 7 for fun, the Lexus for family / work.

    • Perry,
      Agreed. I had a 95 LS400 for about 8 years and finally got rid of it with 224K on it. You are right on about this car's ability to absorb neglect. By the time I got rid of mine all of the idiot lights were on (though nothing was wrong mechanically) the LCD displays for the climate control and radio were totally washed out (though both systems worked) the speedo and tach needles would register about half of the time, traction control and abs were both inop, though the brakes were fine. At 224K I pulled the dipstick out with about 13K on the oil change and it was full and perfectly clean.

    • Sounds like most of the people who buy expensive luxury cars second hand, drive them until something they cant afford breaks and then ditch it. Normally the people who buy them new maintain the ever living crap out of them (the majority).

  • Perry here. Hey, All sheduled maintenence gets done on mine, Mr. Rantyson. What does NOT get done is major mechanical repairs. —- No need! The only thing I have had to do in six years is a starter.

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