• Does anyone know what an LSX plus radiator adds to one of these weight-wise? I like the overall concept, but in addition to the handling repercussions of all that extra poundage in the butt, the radiator looks terrible sitting on top of the motor like that, and a 915 tranny's likely to turn to glass if used aggressively, so it seems more cruiser than corner carver, which shouldn't be said of any Porsche.

    • I think you can find the answer on the Toy-Jet website here . It looks like the weight difference is only 21 lbs when all things are considered.

    • Who would have thought that an air-cooled, aluminum 3-liter motor would weigh so much?! But one of the downsides to air-cooling is the uneven distribution of said cooling, so the engine needs to be made more stout to withstand the inherent stresses therein.

      My other two points still stand, however!

  • the engine photo showing the radiator flat on top of the motor is a little odd for this conversion. I have looked at this conversion before and one of its claims to fame is a patent for mounting the radiator flat in the upper decklid, requiring that huge tail.

    anyway, interesting car, one of those you "likely couldn't build it for that" kind of cars. Personally I am not all that keen about the roof having been hacked off and the car not presently having a heater, as a heater is an absolute necessity where I live, but good on the owner/builder for his efforts, would be much easier to buy this as it is than going to the time effort and trouble of building one yourself….

    • just found thus you tube clip, shows how the rad is usually mounted above the trunk lid in the tail in these conversions youtube.com/watch?v=EnHiFoWIloU

  • What, no turbo to make this a tail happy death trap? Seriously though no Air, no Heat, no speedometer, converted to a convertable, looks nice in photos but that thing is hiding some STDs (swap transmitted defects)

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