• The Girls of Ebay are certainly busy today!

    Kar Kulture Chick..

    Smokeymountaintraders' Daisy Minus her dukes.. tinyurl.com/nxzt5ch

    Same dealer, same Daisy, but found her dukes…

  • Maybe I am just financially disadvantaged, but when I see 510's and other "cheap" cars (VW Beetles) going for such a high price, I have to wonder; isn't the reason we bought these 'cheap' cars back then, because we couldn't afford the 'real' sports cars that sometimes now are cheaper than the substitutes?

    Could someone help me out, is it anything other than nostalgia. I love Minis (hated them when younger, but then drove one and loved it), but the only reason I bought and ran them so much was that I couldn't afford the MG's, TR's etc that I wanted, if the Mini exceeded the price of the original desire, why not buy the original?

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