• If this was built in GM's Fremont plant, it's in good company. That building became the NUMMI plant and issued forth the Toyota Corolla, Chevy Nova (Corolla-based), Geo Prism (Corolla-based), Toyota Matrix, Pontiac Vibe (Matrix-based), and Toyota Tacoma. Now it's the Tesla factory and is churning out the Model S.

    Can we get an 85 kW-h AWD GTO Judge Wagon "D" edition? How big does the driver's "D" need to be?

    • Love this beast!

      @CFlo – if you (or anyone) haven't listened to this before, the This American Life episode about the NUMMI plant (and its pre-NUMMI days) is worth checking out… it was a very different animal before Toyota got involved, apparently: NUMMI

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