• Maybe I'm just dim but where did the fng slushbox come from? And the paint color change wth? And who the hell is Green Day anyway? Hard to be "punk" when youre driving the ultimate symbol of the bourgeoisie. O wait a mnute……..music poseur. Check.Overpriced frankenTii. Check. Pass

  • if it was so easy to take out the shifter, why not put it back in when selling it? that's what i don't get

    btw, anonymous, anonymous and anonymous, pick a name already! you can just comment as name, type in a name and leave the url blank – it's easy!

  • comparing the lame 3-sentence posting on OcS (other car site) versus not only this thoughtful and detailed writeup, but also the fact DT actually posted the previous iteration of this car last january, plus the excellent writeup on that one too, this correspondent proclaims an ass-kicking – while OcS may still get a lot more comments for now, the quality goods are over here

    • All of this talk about OCS is giving me flashbacks to my time at Ft. Benning.

      Back on task, yeah I concur. I go here for the insightful writing and thoughtful listings vs. a shotgun blast of shiny and expensive like on The other Site.

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