• Bolt-on fender flares, matte black hood, hood scoop… and 70 horsepower. I want one. And not just because it has the same wheel design as an F40.

  • The BAT guys go nuts for these things. I never understood them. They look like any run of the mill 1980s Escort or Tercel or other econobox shitbox.

    $17,000 for a car that looks like malaise? No thanks.

  • Abnmike, you answered your own question. It's not about how they look, but how they drive. The BAT guys are very seasoned in trying all sorts of cars and know which ones are best. Believe it or not it's more fun than a Chevy.

  • AbnMike-like some of the other car site guys and many of the readers of DT (including yourself) we've owned a wide variety of cars. I think the biggest difference is many of us tend to be more about function/dollar and less full of ourselves. Its all about which apple you're comparing that orange too. I think you and I may see it the same way.. if I'm going to spend another $17K , would it be this one or would it be (fill in your most recent two cars you've purchased). A Bavaria and a Corvair convertible would work for me. But then, if unique is all you seek… Cars are like women,every one has their own taste (intentional sic)

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