• This car is in Arlington, TX, and the listed used gasser and donk for tags in the auction!! There isn't much chance of either of these happening. G(ass) Monkey getting it and "slammin it in the weeds" and otherwise trashing it, or a real low rider grabbing it and doing things to it where it drags as it putters down the highway…

    • Chris, I am looking at the round display with buttons between the original Ford push-button radio and the vintage air system under the dash. That round display says "Audiopipe" or something at the bottom and has Vol+, Vol- & scan buttons, but I've never seen something like it in a car before.

      Doing google search now….

      Here it is: Audiopipe marine radio.

      [img] rocktheboatmarinestereo.com/photos/68487.jpg[/img]


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