• Clearly trying to mimic the 3.0 CSL but coming up short. Although, if the same treatment was done to an E30 M3, it would get double the asking price…

  • Here's what I said when it was a brown and green machine:

    "The rear coils appear to be nearly coil-bound at this current ride height. I’m fairly certain that for a car to be fast, it must transfer its power to the ground in such a way that the tires actually have grip.

    Just because one can weld and has a sixth-grade knowledge of how vehicles work does not mean one should partake of an endeavor such as this.

    I always make fun of the Midwest and Northeast for their abominations, no doubt the product of excessive consumption of beer/whiskey in a garage filled with spraypaint fumes, but this one proves to me that California is also filled with people who should be banned from welding shops.

    Next time, just build it in Forza"

    Here's what I'm going to say now:

    They're "Dzus" fasteners, not "Zeus" fasteners. Gods obviously don't exist, because this car still does.

  • Heh, you can see the chick from Car Chasers (Jeff's wife?) reflected in the sideview mirror in this picture:


    Agreed that this thing is an abomination and likely should have never been born. "Custom engineering" in the worst way possible, but a cool idea at its inception even if the execution is lacking. And hey, at least it's a lot easier on the eyes now. I'm sure someone out there will just *have* to have it.

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