• Someplace in this ad, they should include the line;

    "All this van needs is you and your weapons…"

    Unfortunately, not Zombie Proof. No brush guard, window screens, gun ports or even a back-up fuel can (or 3).

    And finally, are you certain this isn't some type of art project?

  • Apparently this seller like many of those similarly inclined believe that Romneys recent beatdown requires him or her to be ready for the Apocalypse/Rapture. He/she can toss Home Depot buckets out the back at the 47% as they chase him down the road

  • ~ flint and steel is good, a zip-lock full of Bic lighters has high worth when you're ready to bug-out. preppers need convenience, too.
    . my mom used to tell us, 'keep your powder dry'. don't think she forecast society's collapse, however.

  • ~ survivalvans.com/

    here is our last chance to screw 'unkle' out of a sales tax buck.
    Your purchase will be reflected on 2 Bills of Sale:
    1. 25% of the Purchase will be for the Vehicle
    2. 75% of the Purchase will be for Supplies, Equipment, Services, and Delivery'

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