• I have no issue with the lack of "purity", but the handling must be rather exciting (and not in a good way). In a chassis already known for snap oversteer, adding weight higher up at the outer end of the pendulum would not be the textbook approach to improving things.

    On the other hand, it would be just the thing for the annual Octoberfest Drifting Competition…


  • ~ that is certainly a valid concern and 'exciting' may be the kindest swipe. i'd love to get a couple hours behind the wheel on some unused airstrip. i'm pretty sure i would personally prefer the LS Volvo/6spd just because. but side-by-side, what a pair!!

  • OMG! The Porsche Purity Police are gearing up their SWAT team. Porsche~o~philes are gulping nitro pills to stave off heart attacks!
    Oh the humanity!!!!!

  • This conversion can be done without the whale tail, at least with old-school small block Chevies. I met a guy about 25 years ago who did a conversion, and all he needed was about 1/2 inch stand-offs on the engine cover grille for clearance. The radiator was a custom build, mounted in the front where an oil-cooler would go on a race-prepped or RS 911. It was totally stealth and amazing.

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