• idk… the early version of this car was about as shitty as a fiero. Even dangerous driving in a straight line. '88 fieros are good and have a far better suspension than these cars but of course nobody talks about them when they compare things to fieros and nor do i.

    The later car is great though. Whenever I think of this gen MR2 I just am reminded of my friends that would do a 180 when he launched it sometimes. It was easily the hardest car i've ever driven which didn't make for a great car at all, lol. His was a 91 like this.

    The AW11 was better the only advantage here is potential straight line speed…. of course then there are MK 1.5 3SGTE AW11s floating around.

    I wouldn't say this is near a NSX at all. Maybe in speed but performance also includes handling and a great chassis, of which this car is not known for.

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