• So much to comment on…. First, anyone who was in Cub Scouts would know how to pronounce Bagheera. On the other hand, I am still struggling with "Xsara", and I am a Citroen guy.

    Next, being French, the seating in this gem was designed to accommodate both the wife AND the mistress, at the same time. Vive la difference!

    I remember these when they were new in France. They had a real presence, and they have aged well (so has Catherine Deneuve – coincidence? I think not!).

    How did I not know that these were rear/mid-engined? Very cool.

    Lastly, how did DT resist the urge to point out that this car is a "right hooker", which adds a massive extra dose of exclusivity to things? Oh, and simply by using the term "right hooker" I probably have boosted DT's search result hits by a factor of 10. You're welcome.

  • I am impressed with the dash covering! looks like nice work!

    The fit of the hood and the fact that a welder is suggested as the optimal buyer is worrisome. Not running right now either.

  • Both the Bagheera and the Murena are on my bucket list. I was under the impression that the Bagheera was designed by the head of Matra Automotive, Philippe Guedon, despite what the English version of Wikipedia claims. I believe it's correct in the French version of Wikipedia but I don't read French. I could be wrong but I've got to go to the bathroom for a oui.

    Talbot-Matra Murena S
    [img] i.imgur.com/2H0jHM5.jpg?1[/img]

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