• I'm trying to imagine the conversation at the BAR inspection. "Huh? You think the engine has been swapped? Gee, I totally didn't even notice that."

  • purchased this car several years ago from a friend who was leaving for the Army. He originally completed the J32A2 swap, with intensions for track use only. Over the past 3 years I have put this car back together for weekend enjoyment, not just track use. There are still several loose ends that need completed, as I have not fully completed this build. Here is your chance to complete several loose ends and take pride in completing the build, and not just purchasing it.

    I must be one of the luckiest SOBs in the world. For 7900.00, I'm being offered the chance to figure out what someone two owners ago had envisioned. I might be tempted if the sale includes a parts list and a crystal ball.

    • All I know is that I want, nay NEED, the "golden eagle diffuser" the seller mentions. I'm sure my hair would look great after 1 use. It is a hair care product, is it not?

    • Hood-holed J32 update: Here's one that hides the J32 under an inconspicuous custom-made hood. Sleeper status, am i right?
      And Del Sol gets in on the fun.

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