• Not all, there were a bunch of manual transmission 850CSis sold in the US, as close as BMW ever got to an M8 (remember there was an M6 version of the E24 6-series.)

      I don't think any of the V8s ever got a manual in the US but the powertrain's the same as all the rest of the BMWs of the era and I think the parts can be found to swap if someone were so inclined.

      At the time of course we all thought they were big bloated boats but compared to the ridiculous scarified blob of the later 6-series these are gorgeous.

    • Depends on how you define "bunch". The US only received 225 of the limited edition (1994-95 only) 850CSi, and they are as you described. I think what you may be thinking of are the early production years (1991-93), the 850i was available with a 6-speed mated to the V12, and the US got about 850 of them in total. Still a rare duck, but nowhere near as rare as the 850CSi. You are correct, that the V8 models never were offered in the US with a manual transmisison.

  • I've been interested for a while.. Prices are low and I thought they were cool back in the day.. Last Saturday I went to see one locally .. It was black and in good condition. In that color unremarkable and quite a yawner… I scanned the parking lot of other random black and white and red cars of today.. not a that remarkable.. There wasa 928 parked next to it.. same pricing.. thought that had much more gusto.. My 2 cents anyways.

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