• Wow. I didn't make it all the way through, either. I think he could have finished restoring the car in the time it took to write (or read) that. Nice-looking car, though.

  • Mr. Woodburn apparently has lots of time on his hands. He also has some pretty awesome cars for sale. Here are two that twist my knickers:

    1968 Ford Torino

    1970 Mercury Monterey Wagon

    I get the feeling that this guy will be relisting both. DT, somebody should try to get his story (Hunsbloger, perhaps?). I found this floating on the interwebz; "Bob (Woodburn) has a variety of cars ranging from a 1910 Kissel to 1960s Chrysler letter cars and Corvettes.". He also appears to be a rapid collector of signs and other automobilia – to the point where auction houses are having whole shindigs focused on this cars and accoutrements. This is a rich guy (alive, dead?) out in the middle of nowhere with a massive barn find tucked away on his property, the stuff collectors dream about.

    • Answered my own question. Woodman is most likely still alive and this isn't his relatives selling off his prized possessions. Here's a photo of him (on the left) from 2012. Yes, yes, you AMC fanatics…that is a Javelin. I know, I know, settle down. You in the back there – stop doing that to yourself, you'll go blind.

      [img] bloximages.chicago2.vip.townnews.com/billingsgazette.com/content/tncms/assets/v3/editorial/7/4b/74b3111d-a630-57b5-9922-da31ea5c9149/4fcaf851804e2.preview-620.jpg[/img]

  • This reminds me that a long while back I had to take my wife to see a "chick flick" movie as part of my regular smooze-her strategy to keep the car hobby moving forward.
    The move was "Julia & Julia".
    The first movie scene had a beautiful 1950 Buick Woody wagon in Paris. It was glorious.
    I thought…Hmmm, this move may be bearable if I focus on the scenery.
    Ohh my God it was painful to sit through the rest of that movie.

    That said, it gives the car a marketing angle at any car shows or if it is put up for sale if you stick with the Buick design.

    • In the spirit of verbosity, here's a pretty funny comment by someone from that thread. He's got more in common with the seller than he does with anyone round here. District 9 was one of the best slow burn movies ever. I was saying "what the heck is this" for like the first hour and then BAM it kicks into gear. The clicky shrimp things that turn out to be just the same as you and me. Then again, I'm a bit of a cooking geek and not embarassed to say I was OK with Julie & Julia.

      Anyhoo, here's that other comment, and I guess he'd like DT about as much as he liked D9, and I'm completely OK with that too 😉

      > Last night I went to the local Cinema Theater with friends to see a movie entitled "District 9". After only 10 minutes of viewing that film, my friends and I left this "science fiction film" to seek sanity a few doors down in the same theater. We found the movie Julie & Julia with the beautiful 50 Buick "woodie" wagon beginning the film. That beautiful "waterfall grille" on the car convinced me right off the bat that I was viewing the correct movie for me on this night. I wonder if the owner of the car is in the club. The owner certainly should be! Did anyone see the credits and was there anything there mentioning the Buick? In my opinion, Meryl Streep gave a performance portraying Julia Child worthy of an Oscar award. But the real star for me was that Buick!

  • You guys are killing me!

    In the seller's defense, perhaps it is we of the internet culture who have the problem. There was nary a spelling or grammatical error in his whole piece. We are so used to reading any poster's idiotic posting in 140 characters (et tu, Brute?) that we have forgotten the .um……….art of speaking and writing in proper English. Though I have to say that the DT crew could certainly give almost any other car blog pointers on humor and word play.

    That said he could have bee a bit more pithy though he did attract our attention.

  • Hmmm, call me radical but I actually prefer the original. I especially like those tail lights. After reading a good portion of the ad copy, it's my understanding that the engine probably, maybe might work, the transmission probably might need some attention and possibly a rebuild and that the brakes are kaput. Evidently there a a few pieces of "unobtanium" trim missing and various other 'bric a brac' that "are most likely either being reproduced or would not be difficult to reproduce"….pick you most very favourite "famous last words", quote, and post it here…
    If one is somewhat handy, they might be able to pick up the pieces and finish this project off and have a pretty nice classic…but that's a pretty big IF.
    It will be interesting to see what this one sells for…if it sells, that is. An interesting read and some very funny comments.


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